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The key to an easy touch-free visitor entry system

QR Codes and Access Control

QR Code technology is an up to date, secure way to grant quick, easy, time-sensitive visitor access

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QR codes are becoming a significantly more common access solution. They are free to create, can be sent to a user’s phone remotely or can be printed out if necessary.

Easy, User Friendly Access

For access to meeting rooms, rental accommodation or any other occasion where temporary access is required. Businesses can easily create a QR code in advance, or as the visitor arrives, and simply email it directly to their smartphone or device.

The code produced is often time sensitive and unique. Allowing access to a single visitor for a few hours, or for longer as required. Access can be monitored through GuardPoint systems or, as our new QR Readers have a Wiegand output, they can be connected to most access control systems.

Save Time, Stay Safe

Since The Pandemic we have all become aware of the necessity to reduce face to face contact, ensure that safe distance is maintained and overcrowding is avoided.

Using QR code entry for visitors, contractor and staff management can empower your workforce to achieve effective social distancing. This, in turn, helps reduce the risk of Covid-19 spread within the workplace.

It also reduces the need for reception staff to provide keys or cards, reducing their workload and making entry to your premises quicker and easier.

Cross Compatible, Suitable for Multiple Uses

You may have noticed QR readers popping up in various venues. They can be used for entry to public transport systems, produced in app by the user, for boarding cards at airports, even to gain entry to a concert.

With our latest MiFare QR readers are cross compatible meaning that both proximity cards and QR codes can be issued.

We’re Here to Support you

To help you make the right choice with your access control equipment, we have a dedicated team at the ready to answer your questions. So feel free to contact us

Thanks again for your business!

The Sensor Team

ECA Award Win!

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Robert Owen and Andy Slater attended the Electrical Contractors Association Awards Finals at the Hilton Bankside, in London, on the 9th June. An installation for Harrow Council, with our GuardPoint10 Platform, had been selected for an award in the Best Fire and Security Project category.

Our Partners, Triple Star Fire & Security, were able to meet the specification by being able to connect 3rd Party readers to GuardPoint10 in addition to Sensor Access QR Code Readers and API. ANPR is also integrated intoGuardPoint10.

Our Sensor Access GuardPoint10 is at home in a whole plethora of high end installations and in a complete array of environments.

To achieve a Highly Commended Award for this project makes you feel extremely proud to have been involved.

We are delighted that Triple Star Fire & Security chose us on this journey with total confidence in our abilities.

A fabulous evening with great company and plenty of dancing!
An amazing venue with excellent food.

With thanks to Daren Pool and Matt Edwards; this is only the beginning!

Guard Point Pro – Final Update

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GuardPoint Pro – Final Update!

Thank you for including us in your ongoing journey.

As we move forward we aim to ensure that our customers have systems in place that are futureproof. With this in mind we have some important updates for you, so please read on…

Guard Point Pro – Final Release

Firstly, there will be a new version GuardPoint Pro released before the end 2022.

It’s been in use for 20 years and will be the last version of this software. Unfortunately, following this release no further development will be forthcoming.
As a thank you to our longstanding customers we will continue to provide technical support until September 31, 2023.

Your Transition to GuardPoint 10

We see this as an opportunity to keep ourselves and our customers at the forefront of secure access technology as we move towards GuardPoint 10. This next generation access control platform seamlessly unites access, alarm and video into one program. This software is compatible with all your existing controllers and readers and is available free of charge for sites using less than 32 readers.

New Features

  • A modern graphical interface
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Windows recent and new operating systems
  • CCTV integration with multiple vendors
  • Biometric integration
  • Runs as a windows service
    64-bit application
  • Area management
  • Multi-Site architecture
  • Software lift integration
  • License plate recognition
  • Roll Call with Time and attendance
  • Web browser interface
  • Visitor Management
  • Dynamic graphical maps

We Are Here to Support You 

To help you with your transition to the new platform we are launching a new service to perform the migration for you remotely. Please get in touch if you would like to know more on

Thanks again for your business!

The Sensor Team

GuardPoint10 Version 1.80 is now available!

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The new release of GuardPoint10 Version 1.80 is now available! Version 1.80 offers improvements and enhancement to the ever evolving GuardPoint10 system. This update is free of charge! It is recommended to always keep your software up to date to take advantage of the latest features and performance and security improvements.

GuardPoint10 1.80 introduces:

  • Facial Recognition technology
  • Microsoft Active Directory integration
  • Global Anti-Pass back
  • New CCTV integrations such as Dahua, Cognify & TVT

You can download the lasted version and see the release notes here

Still using GuardPointPro?

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upgrade GuardPointPro


GuardPoint10 offers many advantages over GuardPointPro:

GuardPoint 10 is modern and expandable with a modern HTML driven interface.
GuardPoint 10 is compatible with all your existing controllers and readers etc
The software is free of charge for sites using less than 32 readers.

GuardPoint 10 offers:

  • A much more modern and graphical interface
  • Modern HTTP API for custom integration
  • CCTV integration with multiple vendors
    Biometric integration
  • Runs as a windows service
    64-bit application
  • Area management
  • Multi-Site architecture
  • Software lift integration
  • License plate recognition
  • Roll Call with Time and attendance
  • Web browser interface
  • Visitor Management
  • Dynamic graphical maps

Do not hesitate to contact Support@sensoraccess.co.uk to help with the process of upgrading

GuardPoint10 Version 1.75 released

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GuardPoint10 New Release

GuardPoint10 Version 1.75 offers improvements and enhancement to the ever evolving GuardPoint10 system. This update is free of charge.

Improvements include:

Security Centre Improvements – Geometric and freehand shapes can now be drawn into your maps in the security centre. This allows you to create custom region for alarm group or areas. Area regions allow you to see the cardholder occupancy within them.

Mifare card support on biometric readers – Biometric readers now support 26 and 32-bit Mifare card format allowing you to utilise two factor authentication with Mifare cards.

Increased password security – This feature allows organizations to meet company password policies and guidelines.
The settings include:

  • Enforcing of the password history policy
  • A maximum password age policy
  • A minimum password length policy
  • A complexity requirements policy

New languages - Polish and Portuguese languages have been added.

Software fixes - Fixed problems relating to biometric initialization.

Full release notes can be found: here

GuardPoint10 1.70 Released

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GuardPoint10 - Version 1.70

Sensor access is proud to announce a new update to GuardPoint10. The update is free of charge and includes new features and software optimizations.

The GuardPoint10 Web Module

The web module (first release) is now available. The web module can be access from any device which support a HTML5 web browser.

The following functionality is available:

  • Open/Close doors
  • Access/Alarm event history
  • View/Add/Edit/Delete cardholders
  • Monitor controller communication status
  • View live events /Alarms
  • No special installation is required
  • Acknowledge/Confirm Alarms

Personal Access Groups

This feature allows individual door access groups to be assigned to cardholders rather than just multiple Access groups.

Cardholder details has two new fields: Personal Door Access Group and Personal Lift Access Group.










This gives a more flexible and simple way in providing individual door permissions to cardholders.



Download the update

Guardpoint10 1.70 contains many other features and enhancements and is a free upgrade.

Version 1.70 can be downloaded from here pls ensure the DB is backed up before doing any upgrades

Full release notes can be found GP10 v1.70 Release Notes

Wireless Hand Sanitiser

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The HanSan-WL

The HanSan-WL is a hand sanitiser with a difference. The HanSan promotes good hygiene practice before door entry. The HanSan sends a wireless signal once used, this signal can then be linked to open a door. The HanSan–WL can be used standalone or linked to an access controller system.




-          Promotes good hygiene practice

-          Reduce staffing costs

-          Automatic door activation

-          Wireless for easy installation




The HanSan-WL is a touch-less hand sanitiser which has a inbuilt 2.4Ghz transmitter.  The HanSan sends a signal to the WL-Receiver to notify an access control system that the HanSan has been used.  The HanSan can be used to enforce that the HanSan is used before using the door. Than HanSan can be given a selection of pumps for foam, Soap, Sanitiser. The HanSan can be mounted on a wall or a moveable stand.