Integrations Available with GuardPoint10

We integrate with a range of manufacturers from biometrics to CCTV.
The GuardPoint10 software is designed to easily integrate with other security related systems to offer your customers a more complete solution.



GuardPoint10 brings the state of the art solution of Suprema© to provide a layer of biometric security fully integrated. The Bio Entry W2 and Bio Entry P2 are Suprema’s fingerprint readers are fully integrated within GuardPoint10


Merge the access, alarm and video worlds into a single video center. Implement security decisions directly from the GuardPoint10 video screen. View, control and act in real time or play-back, based on the facts.

Brands Include: HikVision, Milstone, OnSSI, SeeTec, TVT and Dahua.


Alarm Integrations

The Honeywell Galaxy© intrusion and door control system is integrated within GuardPoint10. This solution offers a large number of alarm points to protect businesses and facilities.

Alarm events from the inputs are displayed and the Galaxy groups can be armed and disarmed all from Guardpoint10



As well as the traditional input and output low level integration GuardPoint10 has integration with the Mitsubishi Lift system, ELSGW (Elevator Secure Gateway).

The ELSGW system optimizes multi-car elevator systems by allocating cars efficiently according to the floors that passengers input while waiting in the hall,



Visitor Management systems allows organisations to streamline the check-in process for visitors.  Visitors can be booked in prior arrival or viz a sign-in terminal. Companies can collect accurate data and easily recall and track visitor information to help monitor employee and facility safety.

Integrations include: SmartSpaces and Idxtra