Sport and Leisure

Sport/Leisure Case Studies

Image of the first sport and leisure case study - Sports Hub, Singapore

Sports Hub, Singapore

A new prestigious 55,000 capacity national stadium - with a retractable roof and comfort cooling for spectators - will be the largest free spanning structure in the world. With it being such an important site, security was at the forefront of requirements from a panel of consultants. With a tough specification, Sensor Access were able to comply with a system made up of over 400 IC500IP controllers running on PoE, biometric readers as well as 400 Sensor format Prox and Pin readers. GuardPoint Pro runs full redundancy with web interface, SQL database, OPC server, GuardTour, CCTV integration, badge production, multiple workstations and over 20 alarm controller boards monitoring additional doors and points within the building.

Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi

With its 9km arc of pristine white sand, Saadiyat Beach is a much sought after location for leisure seekers and high-end real estate. With this new luxury resort, it was important to consider security a priority. A 45-door system was installed over the complex to limit access to each block and apartment. A GuardPoint Pro system was installed together with a number of IC500 controllers and Mifare readers. The IC500 was ideal for this application as controllers were installed locally at each block. The IP version was used on many of the sites, keeping the installation simple and cost effective. Mifare cards and readers were used to allow the site to maximise potential of smart cards for other applications.

Image of the second sports and leisure case study - Saadiyat Island Resort, Abu Dhabi
Image of the third sport and leisure case study - National Theatre, Bahrain

National Theatre, Bahrain

The National Theatre of Bahrain includes a main 750-seat auditorium designed for drama, small symphonies and conferences. With such an iconic national building, it was important to ensure that security was covered. A GuardPoint Pro system securing the main doors within the building was installed. Using the 'Alarm Control' package has allowed for full visual control and monitoring of the system, which has worked great for this busy and dynamic site.