Still using GuardPointPro?

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upgrade GuardPointPro


GuardPoint10 offers many advantages over GuardPointPro:

GuardPoint 10 is modern and expandable with a modern HTML driven interface.
GuardPoint 10 is compatible with all your existing controllers and readers etc
The software is free of charge for sites using less than 32 readers.

GuardPoint 10 offers:

  • A much more modern and graphical interface
  • Modern HTTP API for custom integration
  • CCTV integration with multiple vendors
    Biometric integration
  • Runs as a windows service
    64-bit application
  • Area management
  • Multi-Site architecture
  • Software lift integration
  • License plate recognition
  • Roll Call with Time and attendance
  • Web browser interface
  • Visitor Management
  • Dynamic graphical maps

Do not hesitate to contact to help with the process of upgrading