Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms & Conditions of Sale


In these conditions the meaning of "Buyer", "Products", "Delivery", "Delivery Date" and "Price" shall be those specified in any written quotation by Sensor Access Technology Ltd.



Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing these Conditions shall govern all contractual relationships between us, to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions, which are inconsistent with our Conditions. Any alleged variation of our Conditions by the Buyer is hereby excluded or extinguished unless agreed to in writing by one of our Directors. Our Conditions will supersede and replace any previous conditions or representations made by us in connection with the Products.



There are 3 pricing points which will be quoted depending on level of spend per annum. Account Customers that spend over £10,000 per annum, Account Customers who spend less than £10.000 per annum and Non-Account Customers.



Any quotation or prices supplied shall be valid for the period of 30 days from the date of issue and we reserve the right to withdraw or amend the same at any time prior to the Buyer's acceptance.



Where specifications are to be supplied by the Buyer, the Buyer shall supply such specifications in reasonable time to enable us to meet the Delivery Date. If the Buyer varies the specification for the Product after the acceptance of our quotation we have the right to negotiate new terms including a new Price for the Product.



Any order placed for Sensor Access Technology must be communicated in writing with clear part numbers, descriptions and prices. Order accuracy will ensure minimal problems in dispatch and order fulfilment. Orders can be e-mailed to orders@sensoracess.co.uk or faxed to + 44 (0) 1273 242355. All orders placed are subject to Sensor’s terms and conditions.



We will endeavour to deliver the Products by the Delivery Date but such Delivery Date is an estimate only and we shall not be liable for the consequences of any delay.



UK (Next Day Delivery)

  • 1-15 kgs £ 14.00
  • 16-30 kgs £ 22.00
  • 31-50 kgs £ 27.00
  • 51-70 kgs £ 33.00

For orders over 70 kg or any specific times requirements please contact our sales team. Delivery charges are subject to VAT.



Sensor Access Technology can arrange shipping from UK warehouses to most international destinations using approved shipping agents. Please contact our sales team to arrange a quote for this service.



Products are sold Ex Works and responsibility shall cease immediately the Products are placed on board the transport and we shall be under no obligation to give notice to the Buyer as will enable him to insure during sea or air transit.



Delivery for normal stock items is normally within 48 hours for standard stock items unless otherwise advised. Deliveries are at the Buyer's expense (unless otherwise agreed by Sensor Access Technology Ltd and the Buyer). Faster deliveries will incur a supplementary charge. The risk in the Products shall pass to the Buyer on delivery of the Products to him on the Delivery Date. Delivery shall be deemed to have taken place when the Buyer, or his agents, have collected the products from our premises, or when we deliver the Products to the Buyer's premises or to such other point of delivery as may be agreed between us. If the Buyer does not accept delivery of the Products on the Delivery Date, the Products shall remain at the Buyer's risk and expense and the cost of storing same shall be borne by the Buyer. If such failure to accept delivery continues for more than ten days we shall have the right to terminate this contract by notice in writing to the Buyer.



Until payment is received in full, the Products remain the property of Sensor Access Technology Ltd. The Buyer may not charge or dispose of the Product or of the monies payable in respect of the Products by way of security. The Buyer may resell or otherwise dispose absolutely of the Products or install them in premises only on condition that the property is deemed to be transferred to the third party upon discharge of the debt of the Buyer to Sensor Access Technology Ltd for those Products and all preceding unpaid liabilities, and monies paid to the Buyer shall to such extent be the monies of Sensor Access Technology Ltd and not of the Buyer. Sensor Access Technology Ltd may obtain direct from the third party the monies due to it and give a good receipt therefore in the name of the Buyer. If Sensor Access Technology Ltd agrees, to induce payment by the third party, to provide or undertake to provide maintenance services, licenses or other products prepaid by the third party which may as a result of the Buyer's default not be provided, Sensor Access Technology Ltd may add the price to the Buyer's debt



Sensor Access Technology Ltd hereby warrants and represents that: a) each item of the product will provide the facilities and functions and meet the specifications described in the Product manual and will be provided to you with sufficient instructions to enable you and your customers to make full use of such facilities and functions. b) It is the sole beneficial owner of and has unencumbered title to and is the sole holder of all copyrights in such design as relates to manufactured products. c) It is under no restriction (whether contractual or otherwise) from entering into and/or implementing, all or any of its obligations under this contract. d) The Product neither is nor has been nor is (so far as Sensor Access Technology Ltd is or ought reasonably to be aware) likely to be the subject of any litigation or any dispute. e) It is duly authorised and empowered to enter into this contract and perform its obligations hereunder. We shall not be liable to the Buyer in respect of any warranty (express or implied, statutory or otherwise) save for the warranties set out above.



Sensor Access Technology Ltd does not offer returns of products where the customer wishes to return the products for reasons other than; under warranty faulty product or outside warrantee faulty for repair.



Until payment is received in full, the Products remain the property of Sensor Access Technology Ltd. In the event that payment is not received as agreed, technical support and all warranty will be suspended for all products that the Buyer has purchased. Upon receipt of full payment as per agreed terms, technical support and all warranty will resume less the time during suspension of support. The term of technical support and warranty will at no time exceed the original warranty period unless detailed at the time of purchase. The offer of Technical Support and Warranty shall not be limited to the above description and Sensor Access Technology Ltd may, at it’s discretion, make changes to this depending on the circumstances.



Where any of the Products supplied or sold by Sensor Access Technology Ltd is found to be defective within a twenty four month period (unless otherwise agreed with Sensor Access Technology Ltd and the Buyer regarding a specific Product defined within our written quotation/Price List/Literature), of its despatch in material or workmanship or not to conform to the specifications provided by Sensor Access Technology Ltd you shall notify Sensor Access Technology Ltd of such defect and shall arrange for the necessary repairs to be carried out on the Product or shall replace the Product according to Sensor’s returns procedure, please see full details for reference. Notwithstanding the forgoing provisions of this clause, there shall be no liability on Sensor Access Technology Ltd in terms of this clause for purely economic losses or for any defects, which occur solely as a result of negligence by you.



Sensor Access Technology offer training courses for its products in the training facility in Brighton. All partners and intended installation and service engineers working on behalf of our partners are required to attend these training courses as a minimum requirement for receiving any form of technical support from Sensor. Sensor Access Technology Ltd reserves the right to withhold technical support to those engineers that have not attended training courses.



The minimum single order value is £75 (excluding delivery & VAT)



Prices will be reviewed from time to time. In the event of any increase in the costs of our labour, materials or other manufacturing costs we reserve the right to increase our price at our absolute discretion. All quotations are valid for 30 days from date of issue and protected from price increases during its validity. Otherwise price increases will be advised in writing with a 30 days notice.



Sensor Access Technology is operational and able to offer its customers support in technical, sales, order processing on the hours of 9:00 am Until 5:00 pm (UK time), Monday-Friday excluding bank holidays.



We shall not be liable to the extent to which we may be hindered or obstructed in performing our obligations hereunder by reasons of labour disputes, accidents, fire, explosion, plant breakdown, outbreak or hostilities, national emergency or Government Prohibition or any other circumstances beyond our reasonable control. This also covers the buyer’s inability to receive goods that are ready for shipment or have been shipped.



The laws of England shall govern the construction, validity and performance of this contract and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.