The GuardPoint Access Control System

GuardPoint 10 is our next generation access control platform which seamlessly unites access, alarm and video into one program. GuardPoint 10 utilises state of the art technologies, giving a powerful and elegant operator friendly solution. GuardPoint 10 is a complete redesign of GuardPointPro, focused on offering a new vibrant and engaging user experience.

GuardPoint 10 moves beyond a normal access control system and includes a whole array of features such as: Video Management, License Plate Recognition, Alarm Management, Time and Attendance, Roll Calls, Graphical Display and Global Reflexes. To find out more, please contact us



GuardPoint 10 Software features

Security Centre

The Security Center Module combines alarm, video, and access into one graphical screen. This module maximizes monitoring efficiency by allowing the operator to take actionable security decisions in real-time giving a clear visual live representation of the building’s status. Icons are placed on your site map to represent doors, cameras, alarm inputs, and relay outputs. Additional icons can be added to represent user-defined shortcuts and special functions to customize to the building requirements.
Security Centre
Multisite screenshot


The multi-site module is ideal for applications where access at many sites need to be managed centrally.  This module is highly useful for organizations with several independent branches that wish to let local branches view and control their own sites, while still retaining the ability for overall full management from the headquarters.


Lift Integration

The lift module allows you to restrict floors to the tenants of a building by limiting which floor buttons can be pressed within the lift. The lift module also supports Mitsubishi’s Destination Oriented Allocation System (DOAS).
DOAS optimizes multi-car elevator systems by allocating cars efficiently according to the floors that passengers input while waiting in the hall, helping to reduce both wait and travel times.


The video module merges the alarm, video, and access control into a single software platform.

View the live video stream, playback video records, and take snapshots.
Identify the cardholder initiating the access by comparing his photo in the system to the video image.
Act upon an alarm: Modify the arm/disarm state of an alarm zone. Acknowledge and confirm a specific alarm, or all of them, directly from the video screen.
Override the lock/open state of a door.
The point, zoom-in, and focus the camera to a user-defined location to track details.
Control the live video stream or the playback on the tile in focus.
Consult the real-time access or alarm log and restructure it by sorting criteria with drag and drop.

The video center has been integrated with Milestone, OnSSI, TVT, and HIKvision systems.

Global Reflexes

GuardPoint 10 has a user-friendly interface to set up your own cause and effect actions. Define automatic operations such as send an email, open a door, or start an alarm then specify the condition to trigger this.

For example:

IF a specific cardholder is ‘granted access’ THEN‘disarm the alarm zone’

IF ‘start of alarm’ THEN ‘lock all the doors’.

The user interface is highly graphical using drag and drop boxes which make the process very simple giving you the ability to customize the system to your needs


GuardPoint10 allows many possibilities in making GuardPoint10 much more than just an access control system. The API allows systems to be linked together and provide automation as well as personalized applications for specific needs

Biometric Integration

GuardPoint10 has full software integration with the latest suprema biometric readers. This is a full integration of where no additional software is needed for enrollment or configuration.





Guardpoint10 has a highly configurable module, where spaces (buildings, rooms, etc.) can be defined as named areas, for monitoring cardholder occupancy. This allows GuardPoint10 to implement tracking of cardholders within the access-controlled environment.

Door Controllers

With the GuardPoint solution we have a wide range of door controllers and expansion boards to suit different project requirements.


We offer a variety of different reader options such as bio-metrics, smart cards, long range UHF, keypads and wireless locking.