What is the cheapest way to install biometric access control on my office?

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What is the cheapest way to install biometric access control on my office?

Here at Sensor Access, we understand the need for security on peoples buildings so to reduce the cost of people wanting to install biometric fingerprint based access control systems we have launched our new Guardpoint 10 access control system which when used in conjunction with our 4 port controllers results in a significant fall in price.

Why is it cheaper with Guardpoint 10 and the 4 port controllers?

Normally if you install a biometric access control system for a building with 40 doors you would also have to install 40 controllers (one for each door).

With Guardpoint 10 and our 4 port controllers you only need to buy 10 controllers as opposed to forty, it doesn’t take a mathematician to see how this reduces the total cost of the installation.

Technical Excellence EMEA Award

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Sensor Access is proud to announce that the company Elcon Nova has been awarded “Technical Excellence of the EMEA region”. Elcon Nova is a long-standing partner of Sensor Access in Egypt.

Elcon Nova was given this award based on:

  1. Adding value to the GuardPoint solution with bespoke integrations. For example CCTV integration,  creating custom T/A applications, and an application that allows transactions to be added manually for people who have forgotten their card.
  2. Implementing GuardPoint’s Advanced features such as actions and processes, redundancy, integrated alarm management, counters and sophisticated reflexes using commands from other solutions.
  3. High-quality hardware installations with further customization with hardware meeting specific customer needs. For example, making a multi-controller power supply and housing.


The CEO Mr. Hazem Al Far and his team have the passion to provide customers the best of breed solutions backed up by 1st class installation and after-sales service with sites running successfully for its entire lifespan.

Sensor Access Commercial Training: Dubai 21st January 2015

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Sensor Access Technology is delighted to be hosting a commercial training day aimed at educating the attendees about integrated access control solutions covering: principles of access control, reading technologies, system infrastructure, integrations, latest trends and technologies, and an overview of the solutions available from Sensor Access Technology. The trainer has over 20 years experience in the field of access control.

Who should attend:

Sales people involved in specifying access control solutions.

Design engineers that specify an design projects with access control.

Managers who have an interest.


End to End Controller Solutions – New IC500 Controller

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Sensor Access is thrilled to announce the arrival of a new member to its controller family. The IC500 has been specifically designed with the entry level market in mind and will provide Sensor partners with a superior edge when battling in price sensitive situations.

The single door, 2 reader controller bridges the gap between the mid and entry level market. When used in conjunction with GuardPoint Pro Lite, the IC500 becomes an extremely competitive challenger to the three most widely distributed access control products in the EU markets. The result being that you can depend on one trusted partner: Sensor Access, for your full range of access control needs; entry-to-enterprise.


Sensor Access – New Projects Secured in Egypt, Bahrain and the UK

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Sensor Access are proud to announce three new projects that have been secured in various locations across the world:

Pharmaceuticals: Glaxo SmithKline (GSK), Egypt: Sensor Access have successfully secured multiple locations for GSK in Egypt using GuardPoint Pro access control solution with CCTV integration, Alarm Management and IC-2000/4000 controllers in an IP environment. This project was secured fending off stiff competition from other manufacturers and its success was based on an open and cooperative partnership between Sensor Access and its premier partner in Egypt. The project is anticipated to snowball into a region wide opportunity with GSK, as well as increasing the profile of GuardPoint Pro in the pharmaceutical markets of the Middle East.

Image of the first new projects secured - GSK (more…)