Sensor’s VP-Bio: A Simple to Configure Biometric Solution

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Sensor offers a range of biometric solutions to compliment and complete the VantagePoint product range. Solutions include a range of fingerprint and iris recognition products. Typical applications of these products are found in high security buildings, server rooms airports, and any other locations where it is more efficient and beneficial to not carry a card.

Key Features: 

  • Not required to carry any cards or fobs for entry
  • Eliminating the possibility of lost credentials
  • Possible cost saving (no card population to maintain)
  • High security (used as a further level of authentication)
  • Integrated enrolment
  • External options available

The new VP-biometric reader is the most cost-effective biometric solution for the VantagePoint access control system, please see:

The VP-BIO reader is extremely easy to setup and use, no additional software is required for setup.  To learn how simple it is to setup, please see: