Sensor Access’ New Collection: Long Range UHF Readers

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Sensor Access are proud to bring to the market a collection of long range readers which are suitable for a variety of different applications. This cost effective solution is a great addition to Sensor’s diverse range of products. These readers offer passive reading technology, ensuring maximum performance and as the cards do not require a battery, this makes them much more cost effective than an active tag.

Available in three varieties 

The S-UHF-R2 reader is ideal for hands free and DDA applications and offers a read range of up to 2 meters.

The S-UHF-R4 and S-UHF-R10 readers are designed specifically for outdoor applications, and both readers comply to IP66. With up to 4m and 10m
read range respectively, these readers are ideally suited to car parking applications.

Easy installation and integration 

All readers are easy to adapt to existing systems. The readers do not require any electronic tuning to ensure a quick and simple setup.

Parking solutions 

Where a parking management solution is required, GuardPoint Pro offers a simple yet smart integrated Parking Control Module (PCM) to allow simple capacity control for multiple areas and companies. This software module allows you to set up parking zones of which you can allocate a number of spaces to different cardholder groups. The parking module ensures important members of staff or visitors can always have somewhere to park.

When the car park is full or a group has filled all of their designated parking spaces, actions can be performed for example a message on a display panel or denying access altogether. Providing a full solution when used together with the long range readers.


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