The Ultimate Keyless Door Entry Systems Solutions

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keyless door entry systemsSensor Access Technology are proud to unveil their cutting-edge keyless door entry systems. In the modern age of business and security, it doesn’t pay to be stuck in the past with old-world low-tech methods such as losable, copyable keys.

For the modern property owner and business manager, our keyless door entry systems provide efficiency, speed, security and accountability.

Our SF Range and SP Range of Proximity Tags and Readers provide rapid, secure door entry; they can be utilised for a variety of functions besides keyless door entry, such as registry, till activation, logging in to various systems and providing greater accountability for employers. Our Proximity Tags also ensure that only those with the appropriate clearance are able to access specific floors and rooms, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that people in your building are only able to be where they’re supposed to be!

keyless door entry systemsFor the ultimate in keyless door entry systems, needed when certain areas are of such sensitivity as to require far more stringent access control systems, Sensor Access provides the cutting-edge BioSensor biometric fingerprint reader. Able to store the unique fingerprint details of up to 5,000 individual employees/residents, and capable of accurately reading and granting/denying access as appropriate within a single second, the BioSensor is the very final work in keyless door entry systems. Making it impossible for keys, Proximity Tags or access codes to fall into the wrong hands; only authorised hands will be able to access areas guarded with biometric keyless door entry systems.

If you’re looking for a powerful tool with which to consolidate control of all your keyless door entry systems, Sensor Access are proud to produce the GuardPoint Pro. A highly-sophisticated security software suite, the GuardPoint Pro is capable of providing oversight and administrative control to all aspects of your keyless door entry systems. Able to log and register all events of access control in your building, you’ll know who was where, and when! It even extends the capabilities of keyless door entry systems to elevators, with certain floors only accessible to those who have the proper clearance, all programmable through the security software suite of the GuardPoint Pro.

Sensor Access Technology are extremely proud of our keyless door entry systems; perfect access control systems for the modern business complex and apartment buildings. Contact us today for more information on our door entry systems solutions!