Introducing GuardPoint 10: Our New Access Control Software

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GuardPoint 10

GuardPoint 10 is our next generation access control platform which seamlessly unites access, alarm and video into one platform. Utilising state of the art technologies, GuardPoint 10 provides a powerful and elegant operator friendly solution. This updated software is a complete redesign of GuardPoint Pro which is developed in the C# Language to offer a new vibrant and engaging user experience. The new GuardPoint 10 architecture is split into 3 independent layers:

  • GUI – The graphical interface using the latest Microsoft technology.
  • Server – This implements the requests from the operator and updates the database. It also allows easy integration to external systems.
  • Network manager – Manages communication with the controllers and communicates simultaneously with controllers on multiple networks.


GuardPoint 10 utilises a full range of intelligent control devices that can manage, 1 door, 2 door, 4 door, PoE and dedicated input and output control outputs. The system is compatible with many reading technologies using smart cards and biometric readers


Each software layer is independent which means the modification of one layer does not alter the other. This flexible and stable system is due for release September 2017.

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