Sensor Access’ GuardPoint Pro Features: ID Scanning

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GuardPoint Pro access control software has been further enhanced to meet the increasing demands and regulations of increased personnel security checks for multiple vertical markets. EU legislation is forcing employers to prove, without question, that they have taken out all necessary security checks on their workforce prior to employment and are held criminally accountable for any illegitimate staff under their management. The new “as standard” GPP feature allows the user to automatically scan IDs; Work permits, Passports, driving licenses etc, in fact an unlimited number of user definable documents and certifications relevant to their industry, and attach directly into the card holder record.

Key advantages of this feature:

  • Ensures, with proof,  that cardholders have been fully screened prior to site access
  • Qualifications and training to operate machinery or permit certain access groups is logged
  • Very easy to use
  • Helps management audit and manage workforce
  • Tracks validity and expiry of qualifications and health& safety
  • Scanning device available openly in the market
  • Adds extra layer of security and identification
  • Improve speed and efficiency of checking and enrolling users with one application
  • Environmentally friendly – reduces paper based records
  • Cardholder personnel files can be accessed anywhere on a network (global access using IP)

Image showing print screens of example ID badges operating in GPP - passport scanning



ID Scanning helps contractors and sub-contractors meet EU legislation on the validity of workers, their qualifications, site inductions, health & safety and authority to operate machinery and tools, through an electronic and manageable single point solution. This reduces administration time at the enrolment station and increases efficiency through the utilisation of a single application.


Professionals working with vulnerable groups can be checked for their suitability and certification for working in these environments. Essential details and clearances can be imported and attached to records of the access control system. This ensures that the welfare and safety of patients are not compromised.


Working with children is a very security sensitive matter with much regulation controlling the process. Therefore the ID/document scanning will provide a smooth and efficient process to attach CRB checks, security clearances and child care certificates automatically to the individual’s access control records.

If you wish to learn more or have any specific questions regarding ID Scanning, please contact us