The Key Benefits of an Access Control System

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card-entry systemsCard-entry/access control systems consist of a door with an electronic lock which is operated by a card reader. When a key card is read, its number is sent to an access control panel where it is verified against its access control database. Card-operated entry systems are a sophisticated method of controlling access to your premises. They offer many benefits over manned entry control points and address the limitations of mechanical locks and keys.

Fine-Tuning Door Access

Because access is controlled by information stored in a database, it is possible to grant different permissions to your cardholders. You can choose whether a cardholder is granted or denied access according to a time schedule. Special rules can also be put in place for example: a door must be closed for another door to open (man trap), you may wish to limit the amount of cardholders to a particular area or ensure two or more valid cards are needed to open a door (escorting). Schedules can also be placed on the door itself to adjust its behavior an example would be having card and a pin code to open the door during night hours as this would increase security by using two credentials to gain access.

Keeping Records / Event Reporting

Each time a key card is used, a record is kept by the access control system. Details of the card’s identifier and the door at which entry was attempted are logged. Unsuccessful entries are also recorded providing a comprehensive overview of the allowed and denied traffic into your premises as well as the reasoning for not being allowed.

Live Door Monitoring

Card-entry systems have another security benefit. Doors linked to the system are fitted with magnetic switches which sense the door’s position. Any door which is left or kept open for more than a reasonable period will trigger an alarm, making unauthorised entry even more unlikely. In residential accommodation, this feature can prevent residents from compromising security by wedging doors open to give access to visitors.


card-entry systemsManaging Proximity Cards

With old-fashioned mechanical lock-and-key systems, you have no centralised control over access to your premises. If a key holder leaves your company without returning their key, or if a key is lost, you must go to the trouble and expense of changing the entire lock. But with a card-entry system you can easily enable or deactivate a single card using the access control software.

Card-entry systems offer many benefits. They allow you to fine-tune access for each cardholder even down to specific dates and times. Security is enhanced by the automatic creation of comprehensive access logs and by alarm recording which sound whenever a door is left open or forced open. Entry to your premises is regulated from a central control point so it is a simple matter to deactivate any key card whenever necessary.

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