New GuardPoint 10 License Proposal

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Image of the GuardPoint 10 logo - applicable to our new license software process

Here at Sensor we have been working hard on our next generation of GuardPoint Software – GuardPoint10. We value your opinions as our customers and would like to take into consideration your feedback on how you think the new software should be licensed

We are proposing two options:

Option 1: Modular License 

We currently license GPP allowing bolt-on modules as a site expands

For example you would purchase GuardPointPro 10-16 [GPP license allowing up to 16 readers]

If you wanted to add a ‘badge printing ability’ or a ‘workstation client’, you would purchase the relevant additional module

Option 2: Layered License 

This offers 3 levels of functionality: Gold, Silver and Bronze levels

Each level contains set modules with the final level containing all the modules. For example:

Gold: GPP10 – 512 with SQL, badge printing, 4 x workstations, graphics plus, video plus, TA+ ect.

Silver: GPP10 – 256 with SQL, badge printing, 2 x workstations and TA+

Bronze: an entry level system with SQL, badge printing and TA

We really value your opinions and would appreciate any feedback or ideas you may have regarding our proposed licensing methods. Please email us with your suggestions at

To download the GuardPoint10 introductory brochure, please click the link below:

Sensor Access Technology GuardPoint 10 Brochure