GuardPoint Pro

GuardPoint Pro Overview

GuardPoint Pro is our powerful yet user friendly online access control and alarm monitoring platform. GuardPoint Pro is packed with sophisticated features that fits perfectly within the strict requirements of high security sites. The GuardPoint Pro Solution is suitable for a variety of different sized installations. The software can accommodate large sites consisting of hundreds of thousands of cardholders. For small installations a special version called GuardPoint-Entry is available, which is given free of charge.



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Door Controllers

Proximity Readers

Our GuardPoint Pro Software has a variety of modules which allow you to do much more than a basic access control system

With the GuardPointPro solution we have a wide range of door controllers and expansion boards to suit different project requirements.

We can offer a variety of different reader options such as bio-metrics, smart cards, long range UHF, keypads and wireless locking.

GuardPointPro comes free with a demonstration license.

October 2016 - New Software Release: GuardPoint-Ten!

GuardPoint 10 is our next generation access control platform which seamlessly unites access, alarm and video into one platform. Utilizing state of the art technologies giving a powerful and elegant operator friendly solution. GuardPoint10 is a complete redesign of GuardPointPro which is developed in the C# Language to offer a new vibrant and engaging user experience . The new GuardPoint 10s architecture is split into 3 independent layers:

  • GUI – The graphical interface using the latest Microsoft technology.
  • Server – This implements the requests from the operator and updates the database. It also allows easy integration to external systems.
  • Network manager – Manages communication with the controllers and is able to communicate simultaneously with controllers on multiple networks.

Each software layer is independent which means the modification of one layer does not alter the other meaning a flexible and stable system.

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Access Control software Screen shots