Sensor Access’ VantagePoint Support Site

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Following the launch of VantagePoint entry level access control solutions, we have launched a ZenDesk site to centralise support, technical and sales knowledge as well as Demo software.

Designed to give customers a central location for all information, we hope to continue to build the ZenDesk into an excellent resource for all customers.

Print screen of the VantagePoint support site, showing an example video of a controller set up video

On the ZenDesk site you will find:

Technical support information including a quick start guide
A range of video tutorials
A range of frequently asked questions
Demo software

The ZenDesk is also the place to log support tickets and take part in the forum.

Please take 5 minutes to register your details today:

Sensor Access’ New Collection: Long Range UHF Readers

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Sensor Access are proud to bring to the market a collection of long range readers which are suitable for a variety of different applications. This cost effective solution is a great addition to Sensor’s diverse range of products. These readers offer passive reading technology, ensuring maximum performance and as the cards do not require a battery, this makes them much more cost effective than an active tag.

Available in three varieties 

The S-UHF-R2 reader is ideal for hands free and DDA applications and offers a read range of up to 2 meters.

The S-UHF-R4 and S-UHF-R10 readers are designed specifically for outdoor applications, and both readers comply to IP66. With up to 4m and 10m
read range respectively, these readers are ideally suited to car parking applications.

Easy installation and integration 

All readers are easy to adapt to existing systems. The readers do not require any electronic tuning to ensure a quick and simple setup.

Parking solutions 

Where a parking management solution is required, GuardPoint Pro offers a simple yet smart integrated Parking Control Module (PCM) to allow simple capacity control for multiple areas and companies. This software module allows you to set up parking zones of which you can allocate a number of spaces to different cardholder groups. The parking module ensures important members of staff or visitors can always have somewhere to park.

When the car park is full or a group has filled all of their designated parking spaces, actions can be performed for example a message on a display panel or denying access altogether. Providing a full solution when used together with the long range readers.


To learn more specifics on UHF readers, please follow the link:

If you want to experience why Sensor Access has secured more than 2,600 sites worldwide, please contact us

The Ultimate Keyless Door Entry Systems Solutions

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keyless door entry systemsSensor Access Technology are proud to unveil their cutting-edge keyless door entry systems. In the modern age of business and security, it doesn’t pay to be stuck in the past with old-world low-tech methods such as losable, copyable keys.

For the modern property owner and business manager, our keyless door entry systems provide efficiency, speed, security and accountability.

Our SF Range and SP Range of Proximity Tags and Readers provide rapid, secure door entry; they can be utilised for a variety of functions besides keyless door entry, such as registry, till activation, logging in to various systems and providing greater accountability for employers. Our Proximity Tags also ensure that only those with the appropriate clearance are able to access specific floors and rooms, allowing you to relax in the knowledge that people in your building are only able to be where they’re supposed to be!

keyless door entry systemsFor the ultimate in keyless door entry systems, needed when certain areas are of such sensitivity as to require far more stringent access control systems, Sensor Access provides the cutting-edge BioSensor biometric fingerprint reader. Able to store the unique fingerprint details of up to 5,000 individual employees/residents, and capable of accurately reading and granting/denying access as appropriate within a single second, the BioSensor is the very final work in keyless door entry systems. Making it impossible for keys, Proximity Tags or access codes to fall into the wrong hands; only authorised hands will be able to access areas guarded with biometric keyless door entry systems.

If you’re looking for a powerful tool with which to consolidate control of all your keyless door entry systems, Sensor Access are proud to produce the GuardPoint Pro. A highly-sophisticated security software suite, the GuardPoint Pro is capable of providing oversight and administrative control to all aspects of your keyless door entry systems. Able to log and register all events of access control in your building, you’ll know who was where, and when! It even extends the capabilities of keyless door entry systems to elevators, with certain floors only accessible to those who have the proper clearance, all programmable through the security software suite of the GuardPoint Pro.

Sensor Access Technology are extremely proud of our keyless door entry systems; perfect access control systems for the modern business complex and apartment buildings. Contact us today for more information on our door entry systems solutions!


Sensor Access: New Demonstration Equipment

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Sensor Access are proud to announce the release of a new fresh designed portable demonstration equipment case. Designed to be easy to use, quick to set up and ideal for taking to end-users for demonstration giving you the edge over competitors to close those jobs giving the customer the extra reassurance of them seeing the system prior to purchasing, this also makes a great tool for testing, learning and pre-commissioning for our partners.

IC500IP and SF Readers 

This demonstration equipment stand is designed specifically to fit inside a handy light weight carry case. The stand itself has an IC500-IP controller and 2 SF readers: SF-KPV and SP-MINI

Image of the new Sensor Access equipment case

  • Complete 1 door system in a case
  • Connect directly into PC over TCP/IP
  • Supplied with everything needed to demonstrate a fully functional advanced access control system


SF Readers

The Demo Case stand features sensors new technology reader range.  The SF reader range offers versatile, stylish and robust options to suite any application. All readers are epoxy filled and weather proof rated IP65 suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The SensorProx SF ranges uses smart card technology and can be set to read Mifare Plus and Desfire Cards.

Image of the SF Readers present in the new equipment case

If you wish to learn more, please click here or contact us directly

Access Control Systems for Your Dubai Property

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door access control dubaiDubai is the financial oasis and the business hub of the Emirates, a truly global city. Dubai hosts some of the biggest names in business and private wealth. Residing in what some have come to call “The City of Gold”, one cannot help but feel the very ebb-and-flow of business and finance here.

Without proper security systems anyone could just stroll into the middle of the Dubai World Trade Centre trading floor or ride the elevator to the top of the Burj Khalifa. What any respectable Dubai property or business needs is a cutting-edge, reliable and intuitive access control system of which Sensor Access is proven to deliver.

dubai door access systemsSensor Access Technology’s products and security solutions are used in a variety of industry sectors including: Education, Healthcare, Sports/Leisure and Corporate sectors. By using Sensor Access’ centrally managed GuardPoint Pro software, controlling door access becomes both easy and time efficient. GuardPoint Pro allows you to restrict access to your building at a given time schedule, securing your workspace by creating an audit trail to trace a user’s location. It also allows for monitoring of time and attendance, elevators and parking management to name a few of the software’s unique features. The parking management module allows granting access to and logging the appearance of registered vehicles while responding to other vehicles when maximum capacity is reached. The elevator control allows a card holder to present their badge to the reader mounted inside the lift cabin and after verification, the programme only activates the floor-buttons the user is registered to. Each lift controller can manage up to 64 different floors, and in the case of buildings shared by different companies, the software can also ensure that employees are only able to select their authorised company floors alongside the buildings common-areas.

door access control dubaiSensor Access uses smart card technology as standard our SF range readers are designed to be both ultra-secure and versatile allowing for multiple uses such as: access control, cashless vending, transport, and library and membership services. For those situations in which one cannot afford to allow access control systems to fall into unauthorised hands, Sensor Access Technology offers the Bio-Plus fingerprint reader. With memory for up to 5,000 individual users, unique fingerprints can be read and granted clearance in a single second, you can rest assured your business/premises offers the ultimate security solution.

Contact Sensor Access Technology today, and we can discuss your personal requirements together

The Key Benefits of an Access Control System

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card-entry systemsCard-entry/access control systems consist of a door with an electronic lock which is operated by a card reader. When a key card is read, its number is sent to an access control panel where it is verified against its access control database. Card-operated entry systems are a sophisticated method of controlling access to your premises. They offer many benefits over manned entry control points and address the limitations of mechanical locks and keys.

Fine-Tuning Door Access

Because access is controlled by information stored in a database, it is possible to grant different permissions to your cardholders. You can choose whether a cardholder is granted or denied access according to a time schedule. Special rules can also be put in place for example: a door must be closed for another door to open (man trap), you may wish to limit the amount of cardholders to a particular area or ensure two or more valid cards are needed to open a door (escorting). Schedules can also be placed on the door itself to adjust its behavior an example would be having card and a pin code to open the door during night hours as this would increase security by using two credentials to gain access.

Keeping Records / Event Reporting

Each time a key card is used, a record is kept by the access control system. Details of the card’s identifier and the door at which entry was attempted are logged. Unsuccessful entries are also recorded providing a comprehensive overview of the allowed and denied traffic into your premises as well as the reasoning for not being allowed.

Live Door Monitoring

Card-entry systems have another security benefit. Doors linked to the system are fitted with magnetic switches which sense the door’s position. Any door which is left or kept open for more than a reasonable period will trigger an alarm, making unauthorised entry even more unlikely. In residential accommodation, this feature can prevent residents from compromising security by wedging doors open to give access to visitors.


card-entry systemsManaging Proximity Cards

With old-fashioned mechanical lock-and-key systems, you have no centralised control over access to your premises. If a key holder leaves your company without returning their key, or if a key is lost, you must go to the trouble and expense of changing the entire lock. But with a card-entry system you can easily enable or deactivate a single card using the access control software.

Card-entry systems offer many benefits. They allow you to fine-tune access for each cardholder even down to specific dates and times. Security is enhanced by the automatic creation of comprehensive access logs and by alarm recording which sound whenever a door is left open or forced open. Entry to your premises is regulated from a central control point so it is a simple matter to deactivate any key card whenever necessary.

To find out exactly how card-entry systems can benefit your premises, contact Sensor Access Technology Ltd.

Sensor Access: PoE Event for Security Applications

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Sensor Access Technology will be hosting a PoE awareness session for access control and CCTV. This event has been designed and organised in association with EZ CCTV, Comtrol and HIK Vision

Image of the logos of the companies associated with the poe event

This event will take place on the 12th November with hourly sessions as follows: Image of Sensor's poe products

10:00am, 11:15am, 12:30pm, 1:45pm, 3:00pm and 4:15pm

Why you should come?

  1. Great opportunity to gain knowledge on this fast growing technology
  2. Find out more about the PoE security solutions on offer
  3. Meet the manufacturers
  4. Find out how you can grow your business with PoE systems


Our PoE day will be held at Cobham Services in the Regus Express, see address below: image010

Cobham Services,

Regus Express
1st Floor Cobham MSA M25
Junction 9/10
KT11 3DB

Sensor Access: Integrated Biometric Solution

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Sensor Access Technology is proud to launch to the market our Bio-Plus range of fingerprint integrated biometric readers. With a world class algorithm, Sensor’s Bio Reader range is perfectly designed to meet your increased security needs. The range eliminates the need to remember a pin code or carry a card. It also removes the possibility of card theft, increasing security for your building or adding additional levels of protection for high security areas.

Within the GuardPoint Pro software, all biometric enrolment has been integrated. This offers the system administrator a simple, user-friendly front end with no requirement for secondary software. With a variety of different card reading technologies and internal and external IP65 rated versions, this flexible range offers a solution for any requirements you may have.

Case Study – St Mary Magdalene Academy 

When St Mary Magdalene Academy gained academy status, a new building was constructed. The security system was upgraded to meet the demands of a modern school. As a busy site, there had been many issues with card loss and card sharing. With ID being printed on the cards, it was also raised a security issue for any cards lost by students. These issues were all overcome with the installation of 45 biometric readers, offering cardless and keyless access into all restricted areas. The install has proved highly reliable with increased security for all students and successfully reduced administration. To reduce the administration further, the GuardPoint Pro software was installed running an SQL server and linked with the schools current HR database, this populates GuardPoint Pro automatically

Image of integrated biometric solution


With many successful applications already installed and running, you can be confident that Sensor Bio offers the increased security, reliability and cost effective solution to meet your requirements

Watch our video here



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Sensor is delighted to launch its new Facebook page to allow you to follow us and our recent news and developments

Without a doubt, visualisation of our concepts, products and ideas is the best way to support our partners. Therefore we have launched our own YouTube channel with some new videos for you to watch and more coming soon