GuardPoint Pro Advanced Features – Mantrap

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Image of three lifts, occupied by two men in a lobby. The Sensor Access and GuardPoint Pro logos are located at the bottom of the image too

A mantrap is an access control feature which provides high security measures for a designated area with two or more doors. Mantraps are used in secure areas to effectively detain unauthorized personnel. This design is typical of high security locations such as banks and hospitals.

In simple: a mantrap requires personnel to enter through the first door of the assigned location – while the other doors remain closed – before they are granted access at the second door.

Key Benefits 

  • Difficulty of forcibly gaining entry
  • Evaluates personnel in the mantrap before releasing them through the second door
  • Allows entry of only one person at a time
  • Helps to prevent tail gating

How it works 

A mantrap consists of two or more doors – a perimeter door and an interior door closest to the protected area. The perimeter door and the interior door must be equipped with locks, door sensors, and readers. Access is granted either through the reader or through its RTX button, and the door status is given by the defined door contact. Second access cannot be granted from the reader until the previous door is opened and then closed. This security process allows only one single door to be open at a time, so once access has been granted to the first door, the outside door remains locked.

Image showing a diagram of an example mantrap, demonstrating 3 selected doors connected through the mantrap software

Figure 1: image of an example mantrap


The mantrap feature is standard in all versions of the GuardPoint Pro Software. A standard door controller which supports two or more doors is all that is required, no additional hardware needed. GuardPoint Pro also has the flexibility of harbouring different variations of the standard mantrap. For instance the second door can automatically open after the first door is closed or the second door could require additional acknowledgement from an input before opening.

Find Out More

If you have a mantrap requirement or wish to find out more please contact us on either of the following:

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What to Expect from Sensor Access in 2017

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Brand new GuardPoint software

GuardPoint 10 is a 2017 complete redesign of GuardPoint Pro which seamlessly unites access, alarm and video into one platform meanwhile providing an operator friendly solution and user experience.

Before we release GP10, we are in the process of asking the opinions of our customers on the provided two options, asking for the preferable method of either modular licensing or layered licensing. See previous post for more details

For further information of GuardPoint 10 please click the link below to download the brochure:

Sensor Access Technology GuardPoint 10 Brochure


Print screen images of Sensor Access' new GuardPoint 10 software for customers to expect in 2017
Figure 1: image of the new GP10 Software

New release of VantagePoint software with 2 new controller types

As part of our ongoing development of VantagePoint, we will be releasing a new version of its software as of 2017. Customers should expect this to feature various operational improvements as well as support the new 2 door and 8 door controllers

The new controllers will allow VantagePoint to stay a cost effective solution for all sizes of site installation. Both controller types will have 100,000 cardholder capacities as well as an on-board web interface paving the way for simple systems to be setup, without the need for customers to install any additional software

Image showing print screens of three computers displaying the new updated features of VantagePoint for customers to expect in 2017
Figure 1: image of the new VantagePoint software

Fingerprint biometric reader

The Key Benefits of Using Fingerprint Biometrics in Access Control

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Are you considering whether to upgrade your access control system to use biometrics?

The key benefits of using biometrics as opposed to using standard proximity credentials are:

  1.  Fingerprint characteristics cannot be guessed and are very difficult to steal.
  2.  Your access credentials cannot be lost or forgotten.
  3. Using biometrics can be a cost saving because you do not need to buy any proximity cards or tags.
  4. Fingerprints biometric readers are simple and intuitive to use.
  5. Online biometric systems can easily be expanded. Fingerprint templates can easily be downloaded from the main system when new readers are added.
  6. Using fingerprints for access control is now more accepted amongst people due to the increased usage on devices such as  mobile phones.
  7. Using biometrics with an online access control system gives a clear audit trail with a definitive answer on who committed a security breach.
  8. Cost savings can also be made in terms of using biometrics with time and attendance. It prevents cardholders from using other people’s cards.

Both of Sensor Access’ access control solutions can be integrated with fingerprint biometrics. When considering fingerprint biometrics it is important to consider the environment and the people who will be using them. If the environment or the user’s hands are very dirty it would be worth considering readers which can read the finger a few layer of skin below the surface. For situations of where people do not want fingerprint data stored centrally, it would be worth considering storing their own fingerprint on a smart card that they carry with them. Using a smart card which carries your fingerprint means the reader itself no longer need to store the finger templates which means no limitation to its capacity.

Image of a woman scanning her smart card and using biometrics - finger print recognition







To learn more about what biometric solution sensor access can offer please visit our website
or contact us at and telephone +44 (0)1273 242355

Image of an example VP solution - a black VP-Bio that requires fingerprint recognition

Sensor’s VP-Bio: A Simple to Configure Biometric Solution

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Sensor offers a range of biometric solutions to compliment and complete the VantagePoint product range. Solutions include a range of fingerprint and iris recognition products. Typical applications of these products are found in high security buildings, server rooms airports, and any other locations where it is more efficient and beneficial to not carry a card.

Key Features: 

  • Not required to carry any cards or fobs for entry
  • Eliminating the possibility of lost credentials
  • Possible cost saving (no card population to maintain)
  • High security (used as a further level of authentication)
  • Integrated enrolment
  • External options available

The new VP-biometric reader is the most cost-effective biometric solution for the VantagePoint access control system, please see:

The VP-BIO reader is extremely easy to setup and use, no additional software is required for setup.  To learn how simple it is to setup, please see:


Introducing GuardPoint 10: Our New Access Control Software

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GuardPoint 10

GuardPoint 10 is our next generation access control platform which seamlessly unites access, alarm and video into one platform. Utilising state of the art technologies, GuardPoint 10 provides a powerful and elegant operator friendly solution. This updated software is a complete redesign of GuardPoint Pro which is developed in the C# Language to offer a new vibrant and engaging user experience. The new GuardPoint 10 architecture is split into 3 independent layers:

  • GUI – The graphical interface using the latest Microsoft technology.
  • Server – This implements the requests from the operator and updates the database. It also allows easy integration to external systems.
  • Network manager – Manages communication with the controllers and communicates simultaneously with controllers on multiple networks.


GuardPoint 10 utilises a full range of intelligent control devices that can manage, 1 door, 2 door, 4 door, PoE and dedicated input and output control outputs. The system is compatible with many reading technologies using smart cards and biometric readers


Each software layer is independent which means the modification of one layer does not alter the other. This flexible and stable system is due for release September 2017.

To find out more see:

To contact us requiring further information or queries, please contact us on either of the following:

Tel: +44 (0)1273 242355


New Format Access Control Software – USB Key

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Image of the new Sensor Access USB key next to its packagingSensor Access are pleased to inform you that all our software is now all shipped out on USB key in soft format offering ease of use and handling, reusable storage USB Key and now leaves no excuses for not backing up your system. The USB key can be written to so is an ideal place to back up your customers access control database.

To learn more or to get your hands on one, please contact us or visit our website

Sensor Access’ VantagePoint Support Site

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Following the launch of VantagePoint entry level access control solutions, we have launched a ZenDesk site to centralise support, technical and sales knowledge as well as Demo software.

Designed to give customers a central location for all information, we hope to continue to build the ZenDesk into an excellent resource for all customers.

Print screen of the VantagePoint support site, showing an example video of a controller set up video

On the ZenDesk site you will find:

Technical support information including a quick start guide
A range of video tutorials
A range of frequently asked questions
Demo software

The ZenDesk is also the place to log support tickets and take part in the forum.

Please take 5 minutes to register your details today:

Sensor Access’ New Collection: Long Range UHF Readers

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Sensor Access are proud to bring to the market a collection of long range readers which are suitable for a variety of different applications. This cost effective solution is a great addition to Sensor’s diverse range of products. These readers offer passive reading technology, ensuring maximum performance and as the cards do not require a battery, this makes them much more cost effective than an active tag.

Available in three varieties 

The S-UHF-R2 reader is ideal for hands free and DDA applications and offers a read range of up to 2 meters.

The S-UHF-R4 and S-UHF-R10 readers are designed specifically for outdoor applications, and both readers comply to IP66. With up to 4m and 10m
read range respectively, these readers are ideally suited to car parking applications.

Easy installation and integration 

All readers are easy to adapt to existing systems. The readers do not require any electronic tuning to ensure a quick and simple setup.

Parking solutions 

Where a parking management solution is required, GuardPoint Pro offers a simple yet smart integrated Parking Control Module (PCM) to allow simple capacity control for multiple areas and companies. This software module allows you to set up parking zones of which you can allocate a number of spaces to different cardholder groups. The parking module ensures important members of staff or visitors can always have somewhere to park.

When the car park is full or a group has filled all of their designated parking spaces, actions can be performed for example a message on a display panel or denying access altogether. Providing a full solution when used together with the long range readers.


To learn more specifics on UHF readers, please follow the link:

If you want to experience why Sensor Access has secured more than 2,600 sites worldwide, please contact us