Why Stringent Security Systems Are Essential in Healthcare Facilities

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medical security

Healthcare facilities aren’t the first institution in the public sector you would think needs a top-of-the-range security system. However, they are actually one of the most easily accessible premises and contain valuable content. Below is a list of the reasons why healthcare facilities should have the most rigorous security systems available on today’s market:

Expensive Equipment

Hospitals are a wealthy source of some of the most advanced technologies in the world, therefore CCTV and access control are commonly introduced as they are the most efficient when dealing with theft of expensive equipment.

Vulnerable Personnel

It is extremely important to have adequate fire detection systems in a healthcare facility, as many of the people found in them are unable to move themselves in the case of a fire. There are babies, disabled individuals and post-op patients to consider. Access control is critical to provide optimum security to the children’s ward and maternity ward. These are sensitive areas and it is important to monitor who can walk in and out.

medical securityTheft of Controlled Substances

Healthcare facilities have an abundance of expensive equipment and dangerous substances, making them prone to theft. It is essential to have advanced security technology, not just to monitor who enters particular areas, but to also monitor computer software to effectively take count of stock and to detect any imbalances in the quantity of drugs in the hospital. Our software is modular and can offer advanced features such as guard patrol, lift control parking management, CCTV and alarm integration. We also offer a diverse range of controllers, readers, and locking hardware with some of our featured products being wireless locking, biometrics, fully encrypted smart card readers and PoE controllers. We have an approved partner network that offer great installation service that will assist your company in the best upkeep of your security systems. Our service is efficient, cost effective and reliable, and we guarantee nothing but the best for your business.