Sensor Integration with Thyssen Lifts

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Image of men walking down a corridor adjacent to lifts, with the Sensor and Thyssen logos seen at the bottom of the image

Sensor Access has developed a way of integrating the new generation of smart lifts made by Thyssen. The Thyssen lifts incorporate a new feature called destination control. Lift destination control systems offer improvements that can help speed up travel times and improve efficiency.

How it works

Our new development incorporates access control integration –  customers can restrict access to the cardholder via time schedules and particular floors or destinations. For example: one user can be assigned access to only the ground floor and third floor from Monday to Friday. The operation is such that the cardholder swipes their card on the lift reader which in turn displays only the floors the user has been granted access to on the lift floor selection panel.

The Operation in GuardPoint Pro

To operate the Thyssen Lift Integration, the badge holder swipes a badge at the access control reader located outside of the lifts. The user then chooses their desired destination on the input panel from the displayed list of authorised floors. They are then directed to a lift based on availability, efficiency of the system and grouping of people travelling to the same level. The lift then takes the user to their destination without the user having to touch any other button.


Figure 1: image of GuardPoint Pro and Thyssen software compatibility

There is now a new option of choosing Thyssen lifts when selecting a lift controller in GuardPointPro.

Case Study: Paris 

This integration with smart lifts is operational in a 10-floor office building in the centre of Paris. This site is equipped with five lifts from the Thyssen company. There are 20 Thyssen destination selectors equipped with badge readers, two on each floor.

Find out more

If you require any further information on the Thyssen software integration or wish to find out more, please contact us on either of the following:

Tel: +44 (0)1273 242355


What to Expect from Sensor Access in 2017

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Brand new GuardPoint software

GuardPoint 10 is a 2017 complete redesign of GuardPoint Pro which seamlessly unites access, alarm and video into one platform meanwhile providing an operator friendly solution and user experience.

Before we release GP10, we are in the process of asking the opinions of our customers on the provided two options, asking for the preferable method of either modular licensing or layered licensing. See previous post for more details

For further information of GuardPoint 10 please click the link below to download the brochure:

Sensor Access Technology GuardPoint 10 Brochure


Print screen images of Sensor Access' new GuardPoint 10 software for customers to expect in 2017
Figure 1: image of the new GP10 Software

New release of VantagePoint software with 2 new controller types

As part of our ongoing development of VantagePoint, we will be releasing a new version of its software as of 2017. Customers should expect this to feature various operational improvements as well as support the new 2 door and 8 door controllers

The new controllers will allow VantagePoint to stay a cost effective solution for all sizes of site installation. Both controller types will have 100,000 cardholder capacities as well as an on-board web interface paving the way for simple systems to be setup, without the need for customers to install any additional software

Image showing print screens of three computers displaying the new updated features of VantagePoint for customers to expect in 2017
Figure 1: image of the new VantagePoint software

White Collar Boxing 2016 Charity Event – Robert Owen

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Sensor Access is proud to support Robert Owen in a white collar boxing event to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Robert Owen (Technical Director/Trainer) will be flying the flag for Sensor in a boxing match on the 11th of December at the Grand Hotel, Brighton.

Robert boxing pose with glove pointing towards the screen

















Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading charity dedicated to beating cancer through research. They are battling cancer on all fronts, consistently trying to find new prevention, diagnosis and treatment facilities to save more lives. Being entirely funding by the general public, they require all our help to ensure more people beat cancer!

To keep up to date on Robert’s progress and offer any tips on how to not get knocked out – check out the companies Facebook page at:

And if you would like to sponsor Robert in raising money for cancer research, please follow the link below. Any donation is appreciated:

Sensor Access Technology in 2013

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Image of our new 2013 brochureSensor Access Technology would like to wish all its customers a successful 2013 and also share with you some of our key achievements of 2012 which are outlined in our new brochure.

Our key achievements of 2012 include:

    • Winning several landmark projects
    • New CCTV integrations
    • Expansions in Middle-East region
    • Additions to our UK team
    • Updated new branding

Our new simple brochure can be used by our partners to help when meeting prospective customers as a quick reference tool. The brochure allows the gain a general insight into and perspective on the manufacturer and its key offerings to give them the confidence to proceed and close the order.