Sensor Integration with Thyssen Lifts

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Image of men walking down a corridor adjacent to lifts, with the Sensor and Thyssen logos seen at the bottom of the image

Sensor Access has developed a way of integrating the new generation of smart lifts made by Thyssen. The Thyssen lifts incorporate a new feature called destination control. Lift destination control systems offer improvements that can help speed up travel times and improve efficiency.

How it works

Our new development incorporates access control integration –  customers can restrict access to the cardholder via time schedules and particular floors or destinations. For example: one user can be assigned access to only the ground floor and third floor from Monday to Friday. The operation is such that the cardholder swipes their card on the lift reader which in turn displays only the floors the user has been granted access to on the lift floor selection panel.

The Operation in GuardPoint Pro

To operate the Thyssen Lift Integration, the badge holder swipes a badge at the access control reader located outside of the lifts. The user then chooses their desired destination on the input panel from the displayed list of authorised floors. They are then directed to a lift based on availability, efficiency of the system and grouping of people travelling to the same level. The lift then takes the user to their destination without the user having to touch any other button.


Figure 1: image of GuardPoint Pro and Thyssen software compatibility

There is now a new option of choosing Thyssen lifts when selecting a lift controller in GuardPointPro.

Case Study: Paris 

This integration with smart lifts is operational in a 10-floor office building in the centre of Paris. This site is equipped with five lifts from the Thyssen company. There are 20 Thyssen destination selectors equipped with badge readers, two on each floor.

Find out more

If you require any further information on the Thyssen software integration or wish to find out more, please contact us on either of the following:

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Sensor Access Project: Dubai Airport Free Zone – UHF Readers

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A GuardPoint Pro system using UHF readers has been installed and commissioned by Alpha-Plus Security at the Dubai Free Zone Parking Facilities
The reserved parking areas for the tenants are world-class facilities and therefore required long range vehicle identification readers.

About The Free ZoneDubai Airport Free Zone where UHF Readers were installed

A free-trade zone is a geographic area where goods may be landed, handled, manufactured or reconfigured, and re-exported without the intervention of the customs authorities.

The Dubai Airport Free zone authority or DAFZA is the leading free zone services provider in the Middle East. Investment incentives and tax exemptions are just some of DAFZA’s exclusivities. The companies within the DAFZA free zone achieve greater functional efficiency and lower operational costs.

DAFZA’s Parking Facilities  

The original parking facility was abused by the tenants as the barriers could be controlled remotely, allowing people to enter whenever they chose. There were many cases of loss and damage to the parking facilities due to lack of monitoring.

Access for authorised personnel only

To add the level of security that is required to ensure the car park was managed correctly, long range readers UHF readers were chosen as the credentials could easily be placed inside the car windscreen. UHF cards are an advantage to the system because they don’t use batteries which need to be replaced.  The uPass UHF reader from Nedap was chosen, with a read range of 5 metres. The benefit of a long range reader is that the vehicle does not have to stop to present their card, ensuring a smooth flow through the barriers.

The UHF readers are connected back to the Sensor Access control panels which are controlled overall by the GuardPoint Pro software. The GuardPoint Pro software controls all aspects of the car park administration, making the enrollment of cars to the system very simple. The GuardPoint Pro software also allows full reporting of the usage of the car park as well as allowing high-level security features such as anti-passback and ’cause and effect’ reactions. The GuardPointPro car parking module also manages the capacity of the car park and ensures companies can only use their allotted spaces.

The system was installed by Alpha Plus Security & Alarm Sys who provides professional security solutions for local authorities, industrial and commercial clients.

New Project Secured: Spire Healthcare, UK

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Spire Healthcare is a leading provider of private healthcare, with 39 private hospitals throughout the UK. The company is built on a proud heritage of over 25 years’ experience of running successful private hospitals. Sensor and one of our partners have taken on a new project test site with the possible expansion to all sites nationwide.

The test site is comprised of 3x VC-4, 1 x VC-2 controllers which were used in conjunction with 12 SF-mini readers. VantagePoint Enterprise edition was used with an added workstation for the administration of the system. Spire Health Care wanted a fully TCP/IP solution which could be expanded upon in order to fit with their existing network. This ensured it was simple to use, and the process of opening and closing all doors from inputs for fire tests was enabled. VC controllers were chosen because they could utilise existing network and have the ability to communicate with each other without a server. After an initial period, we expect this site to expand with a nationwide roll out.

For more information, please download the Datasheet

Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) Chooses Sensor Access!

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Image of the GSK Building

Another GSK site secured! Working closely with our partners in the UK, Sensor have successfully secured another site for GSK in the UK using our GuardPoint Pro access control solutions. GSK has adopted the GuardPoint access control system on many additional sites across the global such as North Africa and the Middle East; and by working closely with our partners in the UK, we are proud to announce that this month, one of our London based partners have successfully commissioned and handed over an IP solution with wireless technology and a sophisticated G+ graphical interface. This provides a swift and simple security control, showing the operator live and interactive systems from a graphical interface. A combination of smart reading technology and wireless locking solutions were deployed to meet the customer needs.

Who’s Using GuardPoint Pro? Raffles Quay, Singapore

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Image of the GuardPoint Pro case study - Raffles Quay, SingaporeLocated in the central business district of Singapore One Raffles Quay is a high tech grade A office complex. Designed by the multi award winning Kohn Pedersen Fox, One Raffles Quay was designed with the most prestigious clients in mind. The building is home to RBS, Barclays Capital and Ernst & Young to name a few. GuardPoint Pro was selected to control the main turnstiles of the entrance. Using our IC-Pro controllers to ensure the high user numbers were never an issue (upto 100,000 cardholders) GuardPoint Pro is used to call the lifts automatically upon presenting a card to the turnstile

Who’s Using GuardPoint Pro? Sunrise Senior Living Homes, UK

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Sensor Access are pleased to confirm they are the chosen product (GuardPoint Pro) to secure the chain of Senior Living Homes around the country. These have been designed to offer a home from home experience without the stress of owning and maintaining your own house. A vibrant place where life is lived to the full and independence, choice, freedom and dignity are valued above all else. Highly trained staff and small touches of home such as pets and home-cooked food make Sunrise different from other Senior living developments. From assisted living to nursing and dementia care, Sunrise offers a great option for comfort and stress free living.

Image of the Sunrise Senior Living building - Sensor's latest project
With a range of complicated requirements and needs for different types of residents, GuardPoint Pro has been able to provide a system sophisticated enough to cover all of these features yet still be user friendly and simple for all staff and residents to use, providing both safety and security.
The sites are large and divided over different areas and each zone has different security requirements depending on the resident’s needs.
Many of the main doors work on free access during certain day time hours and lock down after a certain time meaning a pin code is required to move around the site.

Who’s Using GuardPoint Pro? Commercial International Bank, Egypt

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CIB bank Access Control System


The Commercial International Bank (CIB) is the largest private-sector bank in Egypt. The company corporate headquarters are located in Cairo, Egypt and serves more than 500,000 clients and has more than 6,000 employees. The head of security operations for the bank selects the VantagePoint Access Control Solution from Sensor Access Technology Ltd to manage and control a substantial number of branches in Egypt. The system is the latest product that Sensor brings to the market with unique features at very affordable prices. The system has the go ahead for deployment for 25 branches and many to follow.

You can get an idea of the VantagePoint solution brochure here

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