Sensor Access Project: Dubai Airport Free Zone – UHF Readers

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A GuardPoint Pro system using UHF readers has been installed and commissioned by Alpha-Plus Security at the Dubai Free Zone Parking Facilities
The reserved parking areas for the tenants are world-class facilities and therefore required long range vehicle identification readers.

About The Free ZoneDubai Airport Free Zone where UHF Readers were installed

A free-trade zone is a geographic area where goods may be landed, handled, manufactured or reconfigured, and re-exported without the intervention of the customs authorities.

The Dubai Airport Free zone authority or DAFZA is the leading free zone services provider in the Middle East. Investment incentives and tax exemptions are just some of DAFZA’s exclusivities. The companies within the DAFZA free zone achieve greater functional efficiency and lower operational costs.

DAFZA’s Parking Facilities  

The original parking facility was abused by the tenants as the barriers could be controlled remotely, allowing people to enter whenever they chose. There were many cases of loss and damage to the parking facilities due to lack of monitoring.

Access for authorised personnel only

To add the level of security that is required to ensure the car park was managed correctly, long range readers UHF readers were chosen as the credentials could easily be placed inside the car windscreen. UHF cards are an advantage to the system because they don’t use batteries which need to be replaced.  The uPass UHF reader from Nedap was chosen, with a read range of 5 metres. The benefit of a long range reader is that the vehicle does not have to stop to present their card, ensuring a smooth flow through the barriers.

The UHF readers are connected back to the Sensor Access control panels which are controlled overall by the GuardPoint Pro software. The GuardPoint Pro software controls all aspects of the car park administration, making the enrollment of cars to the system very simple. The GuardPoint Pro software also allows full reporting of the usage of the car park as well as allowing high-level security features such as anti-passback and ’cause and effect’ reactions. The GuardPointPro car parking module also manages the capacity of the car park and ensures companies can only use their allotted spaces.

The system was installed by Alpha Plus Security & Alarm Sys who provides professional security solutions for local authorities, industrial and commercial clients.